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We're specialising in wildlife safaris, mountain treks & beach breaks!

Specialising in tanzania wildlife safaris, mountain treks & beach breaks!

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves - Safanta Tours & Travel Company Limited. Started in 2005 with a mission to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction in the Tourism Industry in Tanzania and is incorporated under the Zanzibar company Decree Act No 15 of Year 2013, licenced by the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism with Registration number NR. 02E.01.2019 and certified under the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) 138-921-646. The Company has its Head office at Chukwani, Zanzibar - Tanzania. Our Office is well equipped with very experience and skilled workers including drivers and tour guides. Most of our Tour Guides speak English, Germany, French, Polish, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Chinese to provide you with personalized services at every step. We are fast, flexible, and competitive to keep ourselves ahead of competition and be a leader in the industry. The company with its experience and expertise has come up with an exclusive mix of never before itineraries with a distinct flavour and identity. Explore through the places, monuments, culture and heritage of the country.

Founded in 2005, Safanta Tours & Travel Company Limited is steered by three Experience and Skilled Professional Tour Guides, with decades of combined diverse experience in this industry but a clear common vision. With more than 10 years experience in tourism sector, we believe that you will be impressed with the quality and flexibility of our service. We offer services for individual travelers as well as for leisure, and travel series groups, providing itineraries including accommodation, meals, transportation and tours with multilingual tour guides and other touristic services provided by our staff and specialised partner companies.

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